17 Maret 2008

Never Have Had Bad Hair Days with 10 Best-Kept Secrets

gallery498t.jpg (2934 bytes)Ever wonder why some women always look like they just walked out of a salon when you often feel like wearing a paper bag over your head?

You'll be surprised (and delighted) to know that all you need to join the ranks of the "always put-together" is a little bad-hair know-how. Or rather, a little bad hair know-how-not-to. Here it is!

Every season brings a new trend in hairstyles. In fall, the perfect flip is de rigueur, by spring undulating waves and crop cuts are hot.

The problem with all this whimsy is that you barely learn how to do one "do" when another takes its place. And even if you aren't a dedicated style-swapper, you always want to adjust your hair or slightly change it to suit your mood or the occasion.

Add to this the fact that most of us want what nature didn't give us and the result is a whole lot of fussing, twisting and tugging. And after all that mussing around comes the bad hair day, which is now the national euphemism for anytime something goes wrong. That's true tribute to just how much hair means!

To get back on track, vow to banish bad hair days forever. Throw away those hats, turbans and other hair-hiders, unless you want to use them as great hair accessories. Rely on the following top 10 commandments of control and you'll be the one who looks like she has a hairdresser in the house.

1. Start With a Great Cut

gallery435t.jpg (2998 bytes)The most obvious clue to a great cut is that it falls right into place and is simple to style. If your hairdresser spent 45 minutes fussing to finish it, chances are you won't be able to re-create the look once you get home.

When you get a good cut, it'll fall in place even on windy days. It also works with your hair texture and type, so that if your hair naturally frizzes when it's humid outside, that won't become a major problem for you. A good cut even controls frizz.

Without a great foundation, all the styling tricks in the world won't work. The best cut takes "physical hair" into account. That is, the stylist designs it for all the physical components which exist, including hair type, texture, density, curl, facial shape and so forth.

Talk to your stylist about these elements, then ask him or her to explain the "why" of her suggestions. Tell your stylist what you don't like about your hair (the cowlick, the frizz, how it hangs limp in humidity), and ask for solutions.

Chances are, you'll get the great cut you need. The final way to recognize a great cut? It's still easy to style 6 weeks after you got it and you can go longer between trims.

2. Don't Fight Nature Too Much

You can fool mother nature, but if you perm super-fine hair into tight curl and bleach black hair to an arctic blonde, you'll become a slave to either upkeep or bad hair days. Even if you're willing to pay for the upkeep, chemicals take their roll on hair's health.

Three perms and two color services later, your hair could end up looking like three-day old spaghetti. A shorter cut and a few layers control fine hair as much as a perm can; a rich, warm brown probably looks better on a dark brunette than arctic blonde does.

3. Don't Overuse Products

If you mix a gel and a silicone shiner, use too much (more than a dime-sized amount for starters), then add hair spray over the top, you'll get dull-looking locks that have a gummy feeling. A small amount of product gives you control; too much weighs hair down.

According to Ken Paves of Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills, California, how much product you should use depends on the texture, length and density of your hair, and the type of product you're using.

You can use lots more mousse than super-hold gel. In general, start with a dime-sized amount of gels and setting lotions; use a half-dollar-sized dollop of mousse; mist on just 3 to 4 pumps of spray-on gels, leave-in conditioners, volumizers and finishers; use just a drop or two of shiners, glossers and pomades.

Remember, you can always add more, but you don't want to start all over at the sink.

4. Use Rollers Right

velcrosm.jpg (33980 bytes)Rollers are super-popular these days, whether they're Velcro, hot rollers or self-adhering ones. If you are using unheated rollers, set hair when it is just damp.

Don't apply any product until hair reaches the damp state; it'll just take longer to dry. Add a bit of product when hair is barely damp and roll up rollers, positioning largest-diameter ones at the top for maximum volume. Allow them to dry completely (you can speed this with a blow dryer), then unwind rollers carefully.

If you use hot rollers, allow them to cool completely before gently unwinding them. Umberto of Beverly Hills then suggests that you bend at the waist and finger comb curls to break your hair up.

This is how models get their "natural," sexy style. Add a small amount of finishing spray or hair spray underneath, if desired.

5. Think Roots First

When you're blow drying, lift hair and blow dry the root area first. Also, concentrate the most volumizing product at this area, bringing just a small amount through to the ends. This gives you height and volume. Once you've dried in "root lift," continue to dry the ends, using a smaller-diameter brush if you want end curl.

6. Be Prepared

If your hair starts out great and poops out on you mid-day, be ready for it. A small bottle of water can be used to mist hair lightly and "re-activate" mousse and gel.

Today, there are lots of purse-sized curling irons and setting tools that you can use for quick touch ups between office and dinner. If you have long hair, wrap it into an updo during the day; when you let it down, you'll have instant, long-lasting volume.

Spiral1.jpg (8861 bytes)If it's humid and your hair frizzes up, carry a small size of a frizz control product, such as John Frieda's Frizz Ease. If hair goes limp when it's humid, get a shorter cut that looks more controlled, consider a body perm or a root perm, or wait until you get where you're going to completely comb through set-in body.

Separated curls are in vogue and you may not want to completely brush through locks anyway.

A pin curl set with setting lotion will hold fine, limp locks the longest.

7. Add Body

In a recent survey, most women described bad hair days as times when hair was flat, limp and lifeless.

To add body, always start with freshly washed hair. Bend at the waist and begin drying hair as you finger style it. When 50% of the moisture has been removed, add most of your gel or mousse and lift hair with a vent brush or a large-toothed comb.

Continue drying, then flip your head up. If it is humid outside, use a tiny amount of mousse to re-define waves. Rub it between your palms and finger style it into dry hair.

8. Easy Updo

gallery593t.jpg (2988 bytes)If you're having trouble putting your hair up and having it look neat, try one of updo tools from drug stores or infomercials, such as the Houdini, Hair Scroo, Topsy Tail or the hair "ratt," which is a padded form you wrap your hair around.

The secret to the updo is to gather all your hair together neatly and high enough on your head. Then carefully roll or wind it in the desired direction. Conceal bobby pins under a seam or a chignon.

9. Tame That Cowlick

Cowlicks are usually at the hairline or at the back crown area. A hairline cowlick can be used to advantage if you lift it and use it for added height. Let the cowlick determine your part line. Or, brush hair in the opposite direction for extra-high lift. A bit of gel before drying is all you need.

If your hair "splits" at the back crown, set just this section on hot rollers. For short hair, set rollers two in alternating directions or take a very large, horizontal parting and weave out half the section with the end of a rattail comb, using an in and out weaving technique.

Set one half to move down; set the rest to move up. Once rollers have cooled, lightly backcomb the area, smooth the surface and comb the ends for control.

10. Get Regular Trims

Because the best way to avoid the bad hair day is a great cut, regular trims are essential. In fact, most women who have bad hair days go for much longer than 4 to 6 weeks between trims.

Even if you want to grow your hair longer, keep it neatly trimmed. If hair is grown out so much it has little shape left, use gel to smooth it or flip up ends if they are long enough. If your hair has none of the shape of the original cut, that's when you find yourself resorting to ponytails, hats and paper bags.

13 Maret 2008

Growing Long Hair Fast Truths

The whole reason that I started HairBoutique.com almost ten years ago was because I felt responsible for providing hair consumers with the absolute truth about their hair.

When I see articles on the Web that advertise that they can help you grow long hair fast I totally cringe. The real truth is that there are absolutely no short cuts (no pun intended) to growing long hair fast.

If I had a dollar for the hundreds of thousands of emails I have received over the past ten years asking me how to achieve "fast long hair" I would not be sitting here writing this "truth in advertising" article.

Yes, there are many things you can do to maximize your God-given genetic hair growth cycle but if someone promises that you can go from a chin length bob to bra-strap length hair "fast" there is something missing.

So really, what is fast anyway? Is fast overnight, within a month or just a bit quicker than your genetic programming allows?

There are many things that can stall natural hair growth. The hair growth stallers can include poor diet, too much caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs or other natural vitamin robbers.

Stress, age, health problems and prescription drugs can also slow or stall hair growth. Climate has a hand in growth rates along with lifestyle issues. Not enough sleep, daily water or maintenance nutrients can cause hair to hit a dead stop in its growth cycle.

To simplify the hair growth process and promise fast long hair is just not a reality. At least in this current Universe.

If you want to grow long hair fast - with fast being a few hours, days or weeks consider these options:

1. Hair Extensions.

100% human hair extensions that can instantly (a few hours) from chin length to below the bra strap. The downside to using hair extensions for instant long hair is that hair extensions are not inexpensive and human hair is the most costly of the add-on hair options.

If you are wanting instant Godiva locks for a wedding, a high school reunion or to meet your guy's parents, by all means consider hair extensions.

2. Add-on hair.

Celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves has been working with add-on tresses with all of his celeb clients. He loves the instant long hair effect so much that he teamed up with Jessica Simpson to create a line that Jessica would be proud to wear.

Add-on tresses are much less expensive than extensions and they can be semi-permanent or permanent. This all depends on your goals.

I have been growing my own hair since 1986 and I have personally tried every possible "fast hair growth" method available. While I have managed to grow very long hair below my waist that is healthy. I have learned the following secrets over the past twenty years:

1. Growing long hair takes a commitment.
2. Hair, except in rare cases, when it is growing at its optimal genetic rate - will only grow 6-8 inches per year.
3. If your have hair that is currently chin length and want it to be below your bra - take a ruler and measure the space between where your hair is currently and where you want it to be.
4. If you need 6 inches to reach your bra strap, plan on it taking 10-12 months for your hair to grow to your goal length. Every person is different and it may take you a longer or short time depending on a wide variety of factors.
5. It is very important if you make the personal commitment to grow your hair long that you do all the right things which includes the following things:

  • Proper nutrition.

  • Drinking enough daily fluids.

  • Minimizing unhealthy hair care habits (chemicals, hot tool use, damaging hair care product use).

  • Eliminating hair growth retarding lifestyle habits (excessive caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, junk foods).

  • Getting enough sleep, rest and relaxation.

  • Taking vitamins, minerals & herbs. Because of the current condition of the earth and exhausted soil, human beings must take nutritional supplements to operate at their maximum hair growth rates. Whether you take a good multi-vitamin or a product designed to grow hair - this is an essential component for growing hair at your maximum potential.

It is my opinion that the number one reason that hair consumers go through pain and suffering with their tresses is because they believe claims and promises that just are too good to be true.

Anyone who has ever left a salon with horrible hair color, fried ends from perms or straighteners or has lost way too many inches of precious growth knows that it is easy to buy into promises of great color, texture and a hot style that won't require a lot of hair loss.

Remember, it's your hair. You have to wear it every day. Consider any promises carefully and ask questions.

While it is understandable that long hair is fantastic. I adore having long hair that is 100% mine. But I worked very hard to grow it including taking hair vitamins for years. I have learned that if it sounds too good to be true - run away as f

Are You Starving Your Hair?

Are You Starving Your Hair?
Tips For Balanced Tresses


Did you know that the human body requires fat in order to be able to properly process and absorb vitamins and nutrients? Yes, it's true.

Whether you get your vitamins from supplements or eat carefully to get nutrients from your daily food supply, if you live on only fat free or very low fat meals, your hair will definitely start to suffer.

The lack of fat can also have a negative impact on skin and nails.

Eat Healthy Fat For Lush Hair

Hair utilizes fat stored in the body to thicken and develop luster or shine. Does this mean you should go out and do fat laden meals to get a blinding shine for your tresses? No, the key according to nutritional experts is to eat a well balanced meal with some healthy fats.

Healthy fats which are also known as unsaturated fats include avocadoes, black and green olives and nut butters such as almond, cashew, peanut butter, sesame and sunflower seed.

Other great shine and hair healthy foods include macadamias, hazelnuts, pecan, almond, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, peanuts, pine nuts and walnuts. Seeds are also great for thick lush tresses, especially sesame, pumpkin, ground flaxseed and sunflower seeds.

Nutritional experts say the best foods of the unsaturated fat family are albacore tuna, salmon and extra virgin olive oil.

Fats which won't help grow lush healthy tresses include saturated and trans fats. Saturated fats include those found in meat and other animal products. Trans fats are found in foods with labels such as "hydrogenated" or partially hydrogenated".

Lean Protein Helps Hair Grow

Nutritionists and trichologists preach the hair growing gospel of lean protein. Since human hair is almost 100% protein, it needs a constant supply every day to keep it growing.

When protein isn't provided in adequate supply, hair growth will stall and possibly falter. In fact, without the proper supply of protein, hair may start to thin and may even start to shed.

Some of the best lean protein sources for optimal hair growth and health include lean turkey, chicken, fish and eggs. Many beans serve as an excellent sources of hair food.

Eat Well Spaced Meals Throughout The Day

When the human body is not feed on a regular basis throughout the day it will draw from energy reserves. This often means that energy reserves earmarked for hair and skin will be lost for helping with hair growth.

Experts suggest that meals should be spaced every four hours throughout the day.

In addition to regular meals, consider adding one or two hair healthy snacks throughout the day.


The human body requires "healthy" fats in order to be able to properly process and absorb vitamins and nutrients necessary to fuel the growth of lush healthy hair and beautiful skin.

In essence, the human body needs a constant source of energy which well spaced meals and properly times snacks supply.

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Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR is one of my favorite body oils that I use all year long, moreso in the summer though, to enhance my tan or to give my skin an added glow. This oil is an illuminating, sublimating treatment for face, body and hair. The gold liquid imparts a subtle sheen to your cheeks, decollete, shoulders, arms, and legs. It's infused with ultra-fine gold colored pearly particles and an intoxicating blend of exceptional botanical oils (Borage, Sweet Almond, St John's Wort, and Camellia Oils). It moisturizes and soothes the skin plus it's an antioxidant protector. I love how it makes my skin feel as well as look like satin. It's not a greasy oil and will not leave your skin feeling like an oil slick. You can also use it in your hair, but I have not been that brave yet to do so. Even though it is a dry oil my hair is baby fine and it might make it look limp and greasy. It claims to enhance blonde hair with golden highlights, adds fiery warmth to red and auburn hair, and lustrous glamour to brunettes. It's pricey at $39 for 1.6 fl.oz. but it is so worth the money. A bottle usually lasts me 5-6 months since I don't use it everyday and a little does go a long way. Check around at different sites online for the best price. Sometimes you can get a really good deal on ebay.